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Arne Barfuss



AddressDepartment of Physics
University of Basel
Klingelbergstrasse 82
4056 Basel, Switzerland


since 2013:PhD in the Quantum Sensing Group of Prof. Patrick Maletinsky at the University of Basel, Switzerland.
2011-2013:Master of Science in Nanostructuring Technology at Julius-Maximilians-University Wuerzburg, Germany. Thesis: Epitaxial Growth and Photoemission of the Topological Insulator α-Sn
2010-2011:Studies in the field of Solid State Physics at University of California Berkeley, United States of America. Topic: Effect of Gadolinium on Transport Measurements on Graphene
2007-2010:Bachelor of Science in Nanostructuring Technology at Julius-Maximilians-University Wuerzburg, Germany. Thesis: Elektrisch betriebene nichtklassische Lichtquellen auf Basis selbstorganisiert gewachsener InAs-Quantenpunkte


Hybrid continuous dynamical decoupling: a photon-phonon doubly dressed spin
J. Teissier, A. Barfuss P. Maletinsky 
Journal of Optics, Volume 19, Number 4 (2017)
Fabrication of all diamond scanning probes for nanoscale magnetometry
P. Appel, E. Neu, M. Ganzhorn, A. Barfuss, M. Batzer, M. Gratz, A. Tschoepe, P. Maletinsky
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 87, 063703 (2016)
Strong mechanical driving of a single electron spin 
A. Barfuss, J. Teissier, E. Neu, A. Nunnenkamp, P. Maletinsky 
Nature Physics 11, 820-824 (2015) 
Strain Coupling of a Nitrogen-Vacancy Center Spin to a Diamond Mechanical Oscillator
J. Teissier, A. Barfuss, P. Appel, E. Neu, P. Maletinsky 
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 020503 (2014)
Elemental Topological Insulator with Tunable Fermi Level: Strained α-Sn on InSb(001)
A. Barfuss, L. Dudy, M. R. Scholz, H. Roth, P. Hoepfner, C. Blumenstein, G. Landolt, J. H. Dil, N. C. Plumb, M. Radovic, A. Bostwick, E. Rotenberg, A. Fleszar, G. Bihlmayer, D. Wortmann, G. Li, W. Hanke, R. Claessen, and J. Schaefer 
Physical Review Letters 111, 157205 (2013) 
Effect of gadolinium adatoms on the transport properties of graphene
M. Alemani, A. Barfuss, B. Geng, C. Girit, P. Reisenauer, M. F. Crommie, F. Wang, A. Zettl and F. Hellman 
Physical Review B 86, 075433 (2012) 

Arne Barfuss

PhD Student