Quantum Sensing Lab

Maletinsky Group


Dr. Brendan Shields



AddressDepartment of Physics
University of Basel
Klingelbergstrasse 82
4056 Basel, Switzerland

Selected Publications

(111)-oriented, single crystal diamond tips for nanoscale scanning probe imaging of out-of-plane magnetic fields
D. Rohner, J. Happacher, P. Reiser, M. A. Tschudin, A. Tallaire, J. Achard, B. Shields, P. Maletinsky 
Appl. Phys. Lett. 115, 192401 (2019)
Current-Induced Nucleation and Dynamics of Skyrmions in a Co-based Heusler Alloy
W. Akhtar, A. Hrabec, S. Chouaieb, A. Haykal, I. Gross, M. Belmeguenai, M.S. Gabor, B. Shields, P. Maletinsky, A. Thiaville, S. Rohart, and V. Jacques
Phys. Rev. Applied 11, 034066 (2019)
Nanomagnetism of magnetoelectric granular thin-film antiferromagnets
P. Appel, B. J. Shields, T. Kosub, N.Hedrich, R. Hübner, J. Faßbender, D. Makarov, P. Maletinsky
Nano Letters (2019)
Efficient Extraction of Light from a Nitrogen-Vacancy Center in a Diamond Parabolic Reflector
N.H. Wan, et al.
Nano Lett. (2018)
Deterministic Enhancement of Coherent Photon Generation from a Nitrogen-Vacancy Center in Ultrapure Diamond
D. Riedel, et al.
Phys. Rev. X 7, 031040 (2017)
Purely antiferromagnetic magnetoelectric random access memory
T. Kosub, et al.
Nature Communications 8, 13985 (2017)
Efficient readout of a single spin state in diamond via Spin-to-Charge Conversion
B.J. Shields, et. al.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 136402 (2015)
Coupling of NV centers to photonic crystal nanobeams in diamond
B.J.M Hausmann, B.J. Shields, et. al.
Nanoletters 13(12), 5791 (2013)
Deterministic coupling of a single nitrogen vacancy center to a photonic crystal cavity
D. Englund, B.J. Shields, et. al.
Nanoletters 10(10), 3922 (2010)


Brendan Shields