Märta's CrSBr Paper published on the arXiv!


Since their first observation in 2017, atomically thin van der Waals (vdW) magnets have attracted significant fundamental, and application-driven attention. However, their low ordering temperatures, Tc, sensitivity to atmospheric conditions and difficulties in preparing clean large-area samples still present major limitations to further progress. The remarkably stable high-Tc vdW magnet CrSBr has the potential to overcome these key shortcomings, but its nanoscale properties and rich magnetic phase diagram remain poorly understood. Here we use single spin magnetometry to quantitatively characterise saturation magnetization, magnetic anisotropy constants, and magnetic phase transitions in few-layer CrSBr by direct magnetic imaging. We show pristine magnetic phases, devoid of defects on micron length-scales, and demonstrate remarkable air-stability down the monolayer limit. We address the spin-flip transition in bilayer CrSBr by direct imaging of the emerging antiferromagnetic (AFM) to ferromagnetic (FM) phase wall and elucidate the magnetic properties of CrSBr around its ordering temperature. Our work will enable the engineering of exotic electronic and magnetic phases in CrSBr and the realisation of novel nanomagnetic devices based on this highly promising vdW magnet.