Welcome to the Quantum Sensing Lab

Our laboratory is located in the Department of Physics of the University of Basel in Switzerland. Our research is centered around the emerging field of "Quantum sensing", where the use of individual, well-controlled quantum systems as high-performance sensing devices is being explored. We concentrate on implementing various types of such sensors and on applying them to outstanding scientific tasks in mesoscopic physics, nano-science and technology. At the moment, our quantum system of choice for these purposes is the Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) color center in diamond, whose exceptional quantum-coherent properties allow for high-performance sensing applications (such as single-electron spin detection) even at room temperature.



News from the Lab


Congratulations Dr. Märta Tschudin!

Märta successfully defended her excellent thesis!

Congratulations Dr. Josh Zuber!

Josh successfully defended his thesis!

Congratulations Dr. Patrick Siegwolf!

Patrick (P2) successfully defended his excellent thesis!

Welcome back, Gleb!

We welcome our freshest PhD student, Gleb Neplyakh, in our group. After a research stay in our group in 2022, he is back after his M.Sc. to work on milikelvin NV scanning magnetometry.

Märta's CrSBr Paper published on the arXiv!

Since their first observation in 2017, atomically thin van der Waals (vdW) magnets have attracted significant fundamental, and application-driven attention. However, their low ordering temperatures, Tc, sensitivity to atmospheric conditions…

Andrea wins Best Poster Awards!

Andrea wins Best Poster Award at the MRS 2023 Fall Meeting and the EL14 Diamond Electronics, Devices and Sensors Best Poster Award 2023 for his poster: "Diamond defects: A Gateway to Spin-Photon Interfaces". Congrats, well deserved!

Josh's and Minghao's SiV Linewidth Paper published in Nano Letters!

The negatively charged silicon vacancy center (SiV−) in diamond is a promising, yet underexplored candidate for single-spin quantum sensing at sub-kelvin temperatures and tesla-range magnetic fields. A key ingredient for such applications…

Congratulations Dr. Jodok Happacher!

Jodok successfully defended his excellent thesis!

Welcome Matteo!

We welcome our freshest PhD student, Matteo Tessarolo, in our group. He will be working on room-temperature scanning NV magnetometry and thermometry.

Jodok's Temperature Dependent NV Photophysics Paper published in PRL!

We present a comprehensive study of the temperature- and magnetic-field-dependent photoluminescence (PL) of individual NV centers in diamond, spanning the temperature-range from cryogenic to ambient conditions. We directly observe the…