Welcome to the Quantum Sensing Lab

Our laboratory is located in the Department of Physics of the University of Basel in Switzerland. Our research is centered around the emerging field of "Quantum sensing", where the use of individual, well-controlled quantum systems as high-performance sensing devices is being explored. We concentrate on implementing various types of such sensors and on applying them to outstanding scientific tasks in mesoscopic physics, nano-science and technology. At the moment, our quantum system of choice for these purposes is the Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) color center in diamond, whose exceptional quantum-coherent properties allow for high-performance sensing applications (such as single-electron spin detection) even at room temperature.



News from the Lab

PhD Games

Congratulations Dr. Natascha Hedrich!

Natascha successfully defended her thesis!

Viktoria's laser writing paper published in ACS Photonics!

We report on pulsed-laser induced generation of nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond facilitated by a solid-immersion lens (SIL). The SIL enables laser writing at energies as low as 5.8 nJ per pulse and allows vacancies to be formed…

Jodok's NV photophysics paper published on the arXiv!

We investigate the magnetic field dependent photo-physics of individual Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) color centers in diamond under cryogenic conditions. At distinct magnetic fields, we observe significant reductions in the NV photoluminescence…

Goodbye Johannes!

We say goodbye to Dr. Johannes K├Âlbl after an excellent PhD and PostDoc! Thanks for everything and all the best at Sensirion!

Welcome Juanita!

A warm welcome to our new PostDoc, Juanita Bocquel! Good to have you and to successful experiments!

Natascha's domain wall paper published in Nature Physics

Antiferromagnets can encode information in their ordered magnetic structure, providing the basis for future spintronic devices1,2,3. The control and understanding of antiferromagnetic domain walls, which are the interfaces between domains…

Welcome Paul!

A warm welcome to our new PhD student Paul Lehmann! Good to have you and to successful experiments.

Welcome Andrea!

We welcome our new PhD student Andrea Corazza who will join our cavity team. All the best for your PhD Andrea!

Goodbye Mara!

We say goodbye to Dr. Mara Batzer after an influential PhD and PostDoc! Thanks for everything and all the best at Evatec!

Natascha's parabolic pillar paper published in Phys. Rev. Applied

Enhancing the measurement signal from solid-state quantum sensors such as the nitrogen-vacancy (N-V) center in diamond is a challenge for sensing and imaging of condensed-matter systems. Here we design and fabricate diamond scanning probes…